Ottawa Catholic School Board Celebrates Youth Entrepreneurial Experience!

May 19, 2021—Ottawa: The Ottawa Catholic School Board Social Entrepreneurs Program (OCSBSEP) combines education and business to support charities. They do this through locally developed products, services or awareness while building a social enterprise.

Outstanding Results

Despite a worldwide pandemic, twenty-eight (28) OCSB educators and twenty-seven (27) volunteer business mentors worked with more than 600 students to develop more than twenty (20) student-run businesses which have already raised more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for charities - and the year isn’t over yet!

Who are we celebrating?

The students, educators, business mentors, and guest speakers will participate in an hour-long online celebration. The event is co-hosted by Sarah Turnbull, producer and freelance political journalist, and Rahul Sanjeev, a Grade 7 Student at OCSB Virtual Academy. 

Why are we celebrating?

The online celebration will highlight the student's work. The young entrepreneurs will share their experiences working with educators and mentors to bring business ideas from concept to reality. Keynote speaker Will Wells, the Founder of the Artery Community Roasters, will deliver a presentation. 


The online celebration is on May 26, 2021, 9:30 AM- 10:45 AM.

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Kim Lacelle, the Coordinator, Elementary Student Success, says, "The pandemic was no match for the students' dedication and the tenacity of educators and mentors. This virtual celebration allows us to shine a light on the remarkable ingenuity and creativity shown by the students who focused their energies on developing entrepreneurial ideas into viable business ventures.


For more information about the OCSBSEP and the year-end celebration, please contact Kim Lacelle at (613) 858-1546.